Hey there!

I’m j. dana. I love to share what’s going on with my writing, things I’ve discovered along the way, and the crazy escapades that come with being a mom, a creative, and a business owner.

(Trust me, I’ve got it ALL organized…probably right under that pile of laundry over there.)

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What I do

I’ve worked in corporate settings for just about my entire career—from start-ups to start-overs to ginormous companies. I’ve reworked content, rebranded, and marketed for businesses to grow consumer connections and build engagnement, and I love find new and different ways to connect people and brands.

Now? I’m still doing all that–I’m just in PJ pants more often and working from my home office. And I’m taking time for my own fiction writing, which is a fantabulous change of course.

I’m a night owl with a penchant for Monster energy drinks and Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups. I spoil my kids and my pets too much, and I love scuba diving and going to see live comedy with the hubs.

Let’s hang out